Lionbridge language project for Heb
אזור/ישוב: פריסה ארצית
תחום עסוק: *אינטרנט
היקף מישרה: עבודה מהבית
קהל יעד: סטודנטים
דרוש ניסיון: לא
דרושות המלצות: לא
מספר מודעה: 54726
איש קשר: Loren
טלפונים: 03-09 42705600

תיאור המשרה:
Lionbridge Technologies Inc. is urgently looking for native or near-native speakers of Hebrew related remote work. The work can be done via the Internet from any location in full-time or part-time. As a member of Lionbridge''s freelance talent pools, you will receive a variety of assignments including but not limited to audio transcription, linguistic annotation, testing and coordination in Hebrew language.

כישורים מבוקשים למשרה:
The key requirements are native level of Hebrew, good typing/spelling skills, a computer/ laptop with stable internet connection, ability to follow elaborate guidelines and attention to detail. If you are a native speaker of Hebrew and interested in working with us, please contact us!!